Sleep, performance 2016



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Performers: Laura Glaser | Jon Caruana | Christina Makri | Despoina Tzanou | Leonnine Hatzimichali | Vanessa Macaulay | Symeon Banos | Anna Fafaliou

Napping in public spaces is a phenomenon that has been disregarded dispite the fact that we all have experienced or witnessed people having a nap in the park during their lunch break or in public transport or during a play.

Almost a third of our lives are spent in sleep. It doesn’t take a lot of skill or hard work to sleep and it can easily be denoted as an instinctive rather than a conscious action. Sleep nonetheless varies drastically from person to person, from circumstance to circumstance. Everyone has their own patterns, which in turn change according to surrounding conditions, and these are worth exploring.


The audience will walk through an improvised choreography of sleep. From extended stillness to the fetal position, the bodies of the performers will feature only the slightest movements. The unified effect will create a sort of subtle wave of bodies: a human landscape within the gallery space.


Open to audience participation.